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Nsengiyera, Lambert

Nsengiyera, Lambert

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AGE: 28 years


MINISTRY: Youth leader, small group leader, Bible teacher, and student at a theological college.

TESTIMONY: (In his own words)

My names are NSENGIYERA LAMBERT. From my childhood, I grew up in family that was not Christian, even though they belonged to, and went to church all the time. 

At 16 years old, I was blessed to meet a pastor who preached the gospel; and this was the time when I found that salvation. He told me that salvation does not come from hard works that one does in and outside the church; or any other good things. He taught me that salvation comes from believing in Jesus. From that time, I made a decision to receive Jesus Christ in my life.  From that time, I became a child of God, and I praise the Lord and worship him for his love and Mercy to me. I thank God so much and I love him.

I am a member of Bibleway Baptist church and I am involved in full time ministry serving God.

Thanks a lot.
Lambert Nsengiyera.

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