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Nzahumunyurwa Jean Nepomscene (NEPO)
Nzahumunyurwa Jean Nepomscene (NEPO)

Nzahumunyurwa Jean Nepomscene (NEPO)

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AGE: 30 years

Marital status: Married

Kids: 1

Ministry: Local church assistant pastor, small group leader, Bible teacher, and student at a theological college.

Testimony: (In his own words)

I was born in a family of church goers who were not believers. I grew up thinking that following what my family did was enough. I was not saved at all. My parents worshipped in a nominal Baptist church and that is where I grew. I could not hear the message of salvation in Jesus Christ. In 2003, I got baptized according to church tradition but I was not saved at all. I continued to hide in that church. I joined the choir and was trying to do all the good things church goers do. I still was involved in all kind of evil things but yet still went to church as a member.

In July 2010, I got witnessed to by students I studied with at secondary school and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, and became a child of God.

Before accepting Jesus Christ in my life, I was a bad sinner but as soon as I accepted him in my life I changed. I had been in and knew about church life all my days on earth before but for so long I was not saved. I am happy that I am now a child of God and that I have eternal life.

I was blessed to belong to a church that teaches the Biblical truth and besides having grown in my faith, I am now helping others to know the way of salvation and I have committed all my life to serving Jesus. I got married to Joseline and together we have one daughter.

Thank you,

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