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Tuyishimire, Jean Baptiste
Tuyishimire, Jean Baptiste

Tuyishimire, Jean Baptiste

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AGE: 49



MINISTRY:  Bibleway Baptist Church President, Muyumbu local church pastor, missionary trainer and supporter, Bible teacher, and Come Away Missions leadership team member, and Rwanda mission small team country coordinator.

TESTIMONY: (In his own words)

My full names are Jean Baptiste Tuyishimire. I am Rwandan, and I am 49 years old. 

I am the first born in a family of six children. My parents were not believers. Dad and mum never went to church and behaved immorally. As we grew up, the life in our home became hopeless. During times of fights, frequent separations, and confusions; I could take care of my siblings, and surprisingly did extremely well. At such a tender age, I had learnt all that was needed to be a sort of parent. To others, things seemed to be ok but deep inside me I was not myself. I was being eaten up anger and hatred of my uncaring parents 

At age 11, we moved to a place where I started attending church regularly, because everybody in the village did. I enjoyed being there, but church made no impact on my life and helplessness. 

One day, my school teacher shared with me about the life in sin outside of Jesus, according to John chapter 1. He also did talk about the possibility of becoming a child of God and how to live a life of light and happiness through in Jesus Christ according to John 1:12.

After discovering that I was a bad sinner, who deserved to die, and had no way of escape, I learned about Jesus, who had loved and died for me.  I decided to accept and believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior. I was forgiven of my sins and the Lord healed my wounds and pains. 

I decided to live a life of light in Jesus, and to help others experience that life through the sharing of his word. I surrender my life to Christ’s service when I was 19, and ever since I have been serving him.

I am married to Beatrice, and together we have 5 children. 

Thank you,
Jean Baptiste Tuyishimire

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