Water Fund Project

The Well Water Project

Read about the current water conditions from our crew medical team:


We were in Gahara today teaching about different waterborne diseases and how to prevent them. Of course the biggest problem is contaminated drinking water. We taught on the proper way to boil your water if you don’t own a filter. At the end of the lecture a kind man told us how much he appreciated the teaching, however he doesn’t think that many people will change. He explained that many families have to travel 2x/day down a steep mountain and back to fetch water. It is physically exhausting and time consuming. When they get back they don’t have the time or patience to build a fire to boil the water and clean it properly.

I was curious about this process so this afternoon they took us down the mountain to fetch water and back up again. It took about 2 hours and it was ROUGH to say the least! I gained more insight into their lives today than I have ever before. We’ve been working with Jean Baptist to come up with a better solution to this tragedy. Stay tuned on how you can help Gahara stay happy and healthy by providing more accessible, more convenient, clean water opportunities.
- Chasity