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Urgent Medical Needs


Sometimes education just isn’t enough. Come Away offers financial assistance at times to help with transportation cost, physical and occupational therapy, prescription medications, and other fees not paid for by the local health insurance.

Abayisenga Sandrine

4 year old female with bilateral lower extremity skeletal deformities. 

In Feb 2020 the medical team noticed her deformities and began questioning her case. It was discovered that the patient had been unable to seek medical attention due to being financially poor and having unreliable transportation. Beatrice and the team took her to a private health center where she was able to get x-rays and a surgical consultation.

Because the deformity is so great, doctors are wanting to do this surgery sooner rather than later to give her the best outcome. Cost for the surgery and after surgery observation is about $3,200. In addition, she will need help with the cost of transportation, housing, and meals while she is in the city. Total estimated cost is about $3,700.