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  • The average length of our trips are 1-2 weeks
  • We will need 3-9 months of planning and preparation prior to launch
  • Costs typically run approximately $2300-2700 per person (primarily influenced by airfare at the time of booking).  Payment plans are available and a non-refundable deposit of $400 is required to reserve your spot.
  • Travel requirements:
    •   passport
    •   vaccinations
  • Groups can be multi-missioned (for example, most trips offer a mix of the ministry opportunities listed on the “ministries” page)
  • Group size is typically 5-15 individuals
  • Must fill out an application
  • Most important of all: have an understanding that jesus is at the center of our mission



One of the biggest challenges for a pastor of an African church is that it is difficult to gain access to knowledge, which can empower and equip them to reach their community for Jesus.  We gather local pastors in a central location to pour into them wisdom from our experiences, and offer opportunities to brainstorm ways to effectively reach the communities they live in.  Through the power of God’s word, we walk through lessons on discipleship, teaching, soul care, and support ministries.  Rwandans are eager to learn, and they hunger and thirst to grow and mature in their leadership and ministry.  We want to encourage and support the pastors in every way possible, which may even include the call to plant new churches.

(Required pre-requisites for this Ministry)


Our medical training is focused on teaching health-related principals that people can put into practice with the resources available to them.  Through discipleship, people learn that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit.  If they learn to take care of their bodies, they will be better equipped to do what God has called them to do.   Some examples of training include:
·      Treatment and use of water
·      Basic infant and toddler care
·      Occupational Therapy (reduces injuries in manual labor jobs)
·      Personal Hygiene
·      Family Planning
·      Basic human anatomy
·      First Aid


As the bride of Christ, one of our most powerful testimonies to the world is a healthy, Godly marriage.  Through couples training, believers are taught Biblical marriage roles, given creative ideas to re-ignite the joy of their relationships, and are presented with practical activities to help engage each other in a refreshed commitment to their marriage.  This is a time to have focused Bible study, discussion, laughter, and games.


Youth discipleship is separated into teachings based on gender in small group settings.  This is an opportunity for teenagers and young adults to get to know each other and their different cultures.  They engage in Bible discussions, encourage one another, and share their life stories.  At the end of the week, these small groups will come together for a time of worship, testimonies, fellowship, and games.  Thus far the Africans have destroyed the Americans at soccer.  Will your group be the one to defeat them?


Some of the most precious times are working with children.  This often overlooked group soaks up the attention and new information they learn through VBS.  This is a time for fun, games, bible stories, dancing, and music.  While their parents learn, the children (followed by half the village) come to be decorated in stickers, taught new English words (no bad ones, please), and learn about Jesus.  Please properly prepare your body and vocal cords for these activities.

At Come Away Missions we understand that God has created us as the body of Christ and we all play our part. Each person offers different passions, talents, and abilities. We want you to know that it is our desire to provide a place for everyone seeking to serve and go for the sake of advancing God's kingdom. A few other areas of ministry are agriculture, construction, and finances. We are open to considering new ideas and approaches as we continue to go and serve. If you feel called but are unsure of where you may fit best, or you may have a new idea for ministry, please allow us to pray with you and walk beside you to see if there is a ministry opportunity for you.