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City On A Hill Medical Clinic Project


For the last two years, ComeAway Missions has partnered with Bibleway Baptist Church and friends in Rwanda, Africa to carry out a dream known as “City On Hill Project”(Matthews 5:14-16). We are building a large facility that will house a medical clinic and a worship center. This project is literally on the top of a hill overlooking villages in Rwanda who need both our physical and spiritual help. Rwanda is called “the Land of a Thousand Hills,” because of its gorgeous multitudes of hills and it is absolutely beautiful!
So far, a total sum of $90,000 has been raised, and the building project is progressing smoothly. So much has already been completed including the purchase of the land, clearing and excavation. The foundation of a two story building is completed to ground beam level and the worship center basement is almost constructed to upper beam level. In less than two weeks all columns of the worship center will be completed!
The next phase of work is the laying of upper beam and concrete in order to be done with the basement upon which the worship center is going to sit. We are so excited about this coming work, and we appeal to all our friends and donors to help us raise $16,000 for this next phase.